Customer Services

Prepare requisitions for all equipment. Machinery and materials within PLANT on behalf of CLIENT and shall solicit bids for all equipment, machinery and materials from Vendors on the Owner's approved Vendors list.

Our corporation offers procurement services to its clients for the following items


  • Prepare bid summaries for all equipment, machinery and materials and submit these to CLIENT for approval along with his recommendation.
  • Prepare purchase orders in the name and on behalf of CLIENT for all equipment, machinery and materials and place the order after Owner's approval.
  • Monitor and expedite Vendor’s progress during manufacturing phase of equipment, machinery and materials to ensure adherence to approved project schedule and submit materials progress status reports and charts regularly to OWNER. (if requested by EPC Contractor)
  • Inspect equipment and materials at Vendor’s works to ensure conformity to the requirements of purchase order, specification and drawings.(if requested by EPC Contractor).
  • Arrange on time transportation of equipment, machinery and materials from Vendor’s workshop up to FOB delivery point specified in the purchase order and/or from FOB delivery point for each purchase order prior to the issue of purchase order shall be coordinated with and agreed upon with Client's representative as per contract. (if requested by EPC Contractor).
  • Equipment, machinery and materials shall be procured from any source on the Client's approved Vendor list. Contractor shall also investigate Iranian vendors/manufacturers and give due consideration to their supplies to the extent possible. In case the price, quality and time of delivery of Iranian Vendors are considerably worse than outside Vendors, then judgment of Client for preferred supplier shall be finally applied.
  • Review Vendor's recommended spares for equipment and prepare final recommended list of spares for two years operation.
  • Checking and coordinating all Vendor's detailed engineering, data, drawings, other documentation and FINAL DOCUMENTATION.
  • Develop performance tests for all major equipment and packages, at the factory and on the plant, as well as performance tests at Vendor's factory and then witness and report on such tests.